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Welcome to OpenDNP3, a portable, rigorously-tested, Apache-licensed implementation of the DNP3 protocol (aka IEEE-1815).


DNP3 is a complex protocol with many subtle rules. This guide and the OpenDNP3 project cannot cover everything about the protocol. To successfully use OpenDNP3 or develop a product based on it, you will almost certainly need a copy of the specification. We recommend that your organization joins to obtain a copy.

  • Project Homepage - The official project homepage.

  • Github Repository - You'll find the tagged releases here as well as the development branches.

  • Google Group - Post questions and receive updates. Free support is provided as time permits.

  • DNP Users Group - The official DNP3 user group. Join and get a copy of the standard.

Getting Support

If you need dedicated commercial support, custom integration services, or compliance/security testing contact Automatak.

If the library does not contain a feature that you need for your device or application, please consider sponsoring the addition.