09/01/2022 - The project is now end-of-life. Have a look at our new Rust libraries with bindings for other languages.

04/28/2022 - OpenDNP3 will reach end-of-life on September 1st, 2022.

You can read about what this means for the project in this blog post.

12/20/2020 - OpenDNP3 is now in maintenance-only mode. New features are no longer being added and commercial support is only available to existing customers.

Automatak has rebranded as Step Function I/O and is focusing on next-generation protocol libraries written in Rust. The following pages and posts explain this transition and our new libraries:

  • Apache licensed (no cost)
  • Fully automated and published conformance tests
  • Non-blocking, event-driven architecture that scales to OS limits
  • Multi-core support for large frontends and device simulations
  • Simple, consistent programming model that lowers time to market
  • Proven solution with many production deployments
  • High unit test coverage
  • API that is both safe and easy to use
  • Guide - Explains building and design (C++ and .NET)
  • C++ - Doxygen generated reference